Wise Owls by Kinooze.com is a blended learning program for kids, classes 1 to 5 / ages 6-11. Currently offered in Bangalore, HSR Layout, Wise Owls focuses on making kids smarter by improving their reading skills, comprehension and critical thinking. And it does all without making it seem like studying at all!

Wise Owls Program Content

Develop reading skills using factual content covering science, nature, people and places.

Build vocabulary and improve comprehension using fun worksheets, puzzles and crosswords.

Develop better questioning skills and improved critical thinking.


Tons of Fun-Facts

Our kids read hundreds of cool facts, each one told as a story. Facts covering science, wildlife & nature, people & places, everything that is ever worth knowing about. We keep our kids locked in to the joy of reading, story after story.

Whats Making The Headlines

Rosetta is piggybacking the comet! Who is she? Hawaiian volcano sends lava into people‚Äôs homes. Scary! An eyeless spider? Really! We make our kids more aware of what is happening around them, here, there, everywhere!

Critical Foundation Skills

Our kids ask limitless questions and we answer them all. We encourage them to re-imagine and re-tell what they learn and reward them for their critical thinking.


Meet Our Instructor

Tara Agarwal

Tara Agarwal: Book-worm, thinker, writer. Tara is alumnus of IIT Roorkee and Georgia Tech and holds bachelors and masters degrees in computer science and electrical engineering respectively. Tara quit her lucrative corporate career so that she could mentor her two kids and provide them an environment which is conducive for learning through exploration. Tara set out to start writing non-fiction for kids three years back, and founded Kinooze Learning. Tara believes in providing a platform which can create awareness and build knowledge that truly benefits children throughout their lives.


Take A Peek

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