The first week for the Casper and Elmo batches. We had two sessions each. I had kept a pre-reading section where we discussed the new words I was going to introduce.

Who is an animal? Is an insect also an animal? Humans? We discussed all about the animal kingdom. Learned to distinguish vertebrates from invertebrates. From warm blooded to cold blooded. The kids loved doing the puzzle I gave. They told me they like doing worksheets a lot.

I had put together a section on collective nouns for animals – the kids liked that too.

We covered a bit of recent news which I helped read out loud on my iPad. Amused by the elephant that swims, intrigued by the future of asteroid mining and bewildered by the rainbow that punched a hole in the cloud, the kids seemed to have settled down quite well in both the batches (reading focused pieces of non-fiction content).

I sent home some reading material as handouts – one was an inspirational poem written by a little kid. The other one was a fun facts-sheet about animals. Also asked the kids to pen a four line poem for the next week.