We just finished our third week.

The kids discovered unique facts about birds that can’t fly. One of the things that caught their fancy was the fact that some of these birds simply forgot how to fly! We talked about the whys.

The kids were intrigued by an endangered parrot kakapo – that looks like an owl. They realized that this parrot uses a process called camouflage to survive. The kids were excited on their web-quest to find out more about the parrot. We were of course going to deal with camouflage in more detail, in the next session.

The worksheet this week was about unscrambling words to make meaningful words. The kids loved it. The words were related to all the previous classes they had taken thus far. The session was an absolute blast – the Caspers and Elmos were doing it together after all.

We talked about Bush Frog smaller than a thumbnail that was recently discovered in the Western Ghats, close to Bangalore.

We also had a very interesting piece of news to discuss – that of a new Moon Mail service. The kids couldn’t believe they could send keepsakes to be kept in a locker on the Moon. Really!