The kids came back with smiling faces and home-work well done. “Can you please give us some more home-work? Its fun”, one of them said.

I began the first session, it was on NASA. I asked them if they knew what it was and they all nodded their heads saying, “It does something in space”.

We learnt about the various NASA missions – first to Moon and then to Mars. And we learnt about space crafts, space shuttles and space capsules.

“What is the name of the Indian space agency”? “ISRO”, one kid answered.

The kids started asking about space agencies of various other countries. I tried to keep up with their questions.

It was time to pack up – I gave them a read-out about the mystery of disappearing stars. The next session was going to be about people who live in no gravity.

I was waiting for the second session – the kids came in excitedly. “Ok, let us read about astronauts”. We covered an interesting topic about eating in space. The children were amused to know how astronauts can carry any food but in a dehydrated form.

They watched an amazing video about astronauts playing with their food. “If they can do it, we can do it too”, a kid chuckled.

The take home this session was a story about Stella who made up imaginary news about UFOs.