Raining Dogs and Dogs

Who doesn’t love dogs? The Swoops squealed with joy as they learnt all about dogs.

They experimented by making their fingerprints and learnt that dogs have unique nose prints. I bet a lot of parents wouldn’t know that.

The kids applied all they had learnt in the last session. They did a match the following worksheet.

In the second session we read about the dilemma of a young girl who really wanted a pet. The kids were fascinated by it and discovered different features of pets and rules of keeping them.

And then they just wanted to rhyme.

Oh did we have a fun filled time.

We took a bone,

And turned it into stone.

Puppies like to lick,

And bite all things they pick.

You can guess I asked the kids to write a poem at home with all the rhyming words they could get.


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