The session started with a bang after a short break. The kids were eager to learn about outer space.

We explored space and concepts like asteroids, black hole, comets and stars. That there is lot more to stars in space than their tinkle. The kids seemed mystified by the fact that humans have so much more to explore. I gave them a read-out about telescopes to take home.

The second session was all about the pretty blue blue pea in space that we call our home, our Earth. What started with a loud bang and ended up making the most unique planet. “Are there any other planets like Earth?” I asked. “Maybe”, the kids answered thoughtfully.

We talked about a Space company planning to settle a cloud city over Venus. That tickled their imagination a plenty. “How can anything survive on this scorching hot planet”, one kid asked. “The plan is to not go to the surface of the Venus but to float a cloud city 30 miles above the surface where the conditions are more habitable”, I quickly chimed.

We did an Outer space quiz – I designed it inspired by the game of Hangman. I also gave out a short read on whether Aliens exist or not. Hope the kids would love it.

So it was, the first week of January month. And must say, all is well that begins well.