I knew the kids were all familiar with fireflies. But I bet they did not know about bio-luminescent planktons! And that is what we started with this week.

The class was quite excited as we moved forward in the lesson. We talked about how the planktons produced light when stirred. We looked at few pictures and a video to understand that.

“Why do all the deep sea fishes produce light on their own?”, I asked. To my surprise almost everyone could guess the answer, and in unison, “Because they need light to survive and there is no light down there”. Impressive!

We did word search puzzles in the second session: the words to be found were in the form of clues. The clues used the concepts we learnt the entire month. The kids remembered most of them. Another happy day for me.

We held the last day of our December session. The kids had a couple of reading material to take home. A handout about unusual underwater facts. Another handout which was a cute poem Fishy In My Aquarium by a Little Writer, 10-year-old.

Looking forward to get back to Wise Owls again in January, when we use Space as theme to develop reading and thinking skills.