I was eagerly waiting for the Swoops batch to arrive.

This week we learnt much about babies – animal babies, human babies and bird babies. How different babies grow in the wild, and how some of them grow on their own.

The turtle babies invoked the most sympathy from the kids – they learnt that mommy turtle leaves her babies on the shore to let them survive and find their way back to the ocean, on their own.

They were surprised why a Giraffe mother kicks the wobbly baby until it learns to walk. “Parents do need to push them a bit”, I explained. The kids were quite thankful that their parents are so caring.

One of the worksheets this week was, but of course, about filling in the animal baby names against their parents. The kids also wrote few cute lines about what their parents do for them.

In the second session we talked about bird babies who don’t know how to fly when they are born. And how they learn to walk, just like we do.

The kids took home a poem about missing sparrows, written by a 7 year old girl.