“Aren’t  whales fishes?”, one kid asked. “They live in water, swim like fish, but they are mammals”, I explained. The kids listened intently all about whales and how they are not fish and give birth to young ones.

I had a story to tell, to tickle their imagination a bit. We talked about a park in Florida – the Weeki Wachee Springs – where one can go and see mermaids. The kids were glued and kept asking questions until they figured out that those mermaids were real women wearing fish tails and fanciful outfits.

One of my sessions this week got extended – the kids were getting ready for a vacation and heading out of town.

I had few more tales about tails to tell. “Why are tails so important?”, I asked. The kids learnt how a squirrel uses its tail as a parachute to land safely when it falls from the tree. And how the rabbit and the kangaroo balance themselves when they jump, using their tails. Every body-part had a function and the tail served its purpose quite well.

The kids took home a story about tiny fishes that stayed united and stayed strong. I only read the story half-way through to get them interested, I know they will come back and tell me how it ends.